• Pastor Mark Woody

The Little Drummer Boy

The Little Drummer Boy Most of you know I am not a huge fan of Christmas Music. Now don't get me wrong, I love the season and what it stands for. Just not a big fan of the music and songs. However, I have always had a favorite Christmas song. The Little Drummer Boy. I always picture this little kid, tattered clothes, beat up drum, skinny, homeless with nothing but this drum. Nothing to offer the King, Nothing to give, except what little talent he has. In the song, he even ask, shall I play for you? As if this gift he has is not good enough. At least in his mind. A smile, a nod, and he gives the best that he has, for the Worthy King. He plays his best for Him. You remember the song? I think it reminds me of me, I have nothing worthy to bring the King of Kings, nothing of value. But the King smiles, because he had given his best. It wasn't what he gave that was important, it was that it was his best. His all. I cannot help but think why would happen if we gave our all, to the King. I want to start December of, with warm wishes for you, as you go about and prepare with trees, cookies, shopping, etc. Don't forget to give your best, to the King. Take a few minutes to be a Little Drummer Boy and share your best with Him. I promise, He will smile at you. Merry Christmas, Pastor Mark


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