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I was thinking about the upcoming elections and about who we have to vote for this year. Sort of Pro’s and Con’s. It reminded me of a few years ago, there was a very popular Radio Talk Show Host who asked the question “Why are you voting for Bill Clinton?” Now, to my surprise, after two days of 3 hours of folks calling in, not one person could tell you why they are voting for him. Now, before you say anything, let me finish. Not one of them could say why they were voting for him, but each and every one had a long list of things they hated about George Bush. They were not necessarily voting for Bill Clinton, Just voting against George Bush.

As I look through the candidates that are out there now, I can find no reason to vote for any of them. Nothing that leads me to say, WOW, this is my guy or gal. I will in truth, be voting for the lesser of the evils in my opinion. Which is really sad to say. As I was meditating on my distaste for the whole deal, I began to think spiritually about the situation, and then about my spiritual situation.

Which brings me to the real reason I am blogging today. I wonder how many people really love Jesus, or is he just a better alternative than hell? If you truly love Him, Why? Why do you really love Him? Words are easy to come by, but what are your motives? I remember the host saying to the people, that is not a reason to vote for someone, it is a reason not to vote for someone else. I am sitting here pondering, what are the true motives of people’s “love” for Jesus? There is no condemnation in this question, I just really would love to have some folks brave enough to answer.

Final thought, I want Him (Jesus) to know by my actions that I do not love Him for what He can do for me next or that He is better than the alternative. I believe He wants to be loved with an everlasting love that shines so bright that He knows your motives before you say a word. A love so pure that nothing is out of reason to do for Him. A love that makes me shout it from the rooftops……

What are my motives? I hope they show through, but if not, my prayer today is that they will shine so bright, you will never have to question my heart for Him. I look forward to hearing from some of the brave souls out there to speak from their heart.

Always Learning,

Pastor Mark


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