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This morning I was studying in Matthew for Corvallis. Jesus was being baptized. Father spoke to me about righteousness, Holiness if you will. I smiled thinking how my relationship with Him has grown over this 2017 fast. I am glad to hear His voice this morning.

He spoke so softly, it started kind of like this. You are my son in whom I am well pleased, I smiled a big smile. He said, everyday you make an effort to keep your house clean, even when you don’t like the house and want your own. Thank you for your faithfulness. Again, I smiled and went to put a load of dishes in the dish washer. Hehe, it makes Father happy.

Then as Father often does, He said, what if you did other things in your life this way? What if you worked on your study time, your checkbook, your relationships, your, well your everything a little bit each day? Your house looks great, even if you aren’t happy with it. What would your relationships, your finances, your study time look like at the end of the month? Long pause, my smile has now become a sheepish grin, Father always knows how to get my attention and keep it. I grinned real big, and said in a question. It would look as good as my house? His response to my question, You are my son in whom I am well pleased. Big tears and a smile.

Note from me: Father is not looking for our perfection, He is only looking for our effort, and he makes it so easy. So easy. He was honored by my feeble attempt to keep my house clean. He was pleased not because I have a clean house, but because I make a daily effort. My question to you today as I often end with a question: What would your life be like at the end of January if you daily budgeted everything?


Money, Checkbook?



Everything, a little bit every day, everything. Father is smiling at the effort you make right now. Keep going, it will make a difference.

I love you so much, and I am so proud of your effort, keep up the good work.

Pastor Mark


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