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I have been Called many things, most of which are not kind. Some of which were probably deserved. I bet when you read the title, you weren't expecting this direction, were you? People will alway tag you will labels, short, fat, mean, grouchy, just to name a few. And then there are those that we do not dare speak. Lately, I have been called a few other things. And after some thought, I am smiling and saying why yes, yes I am. One of those things that I have been called recently, is “Too Soft Hearted”. It has been said, that I give away too many chances. That I am Too Soft. And to that I would like to say, Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Remembering the story in the bible in Matthew 18 I cannot help but smile. Why? I’m glad you ask, and I will be happy to tell you. Because I am the guy who was forgiven much, I wasn’t born yet, but the story is written about me-plain and simple. I have been forgiven so much, so many times, over and over. Married and divorced, forgiven, Bankruptcy, Forgiven, Arrested, Forgiven, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. And yet, I had trouble forgiving others and letting go of the mistakes others made. Then Father made this story so real to me. He let me see me, and how I was so quick to hold other’s faults against them, while I was expecting forgiveness daily.

Today, I see so many Christians who do not want to give second chances, who always want to bring up the past, and hold grudges. And they call me “Too Soft”. If that’s my calling, I will smile with pride and say, If you think I am Too Soft, you should meet my Father, He wrote the book on it. I can get you a copy if you like, it sounds like you might need it. Oops, be careful or you might stoop to someone else’s level. Just remember, we are all Called to be like Jesus, and we cannot come close to forgiving “too soft” the way He does. This is Pastor Mark until next time, Forgiving again and again and again.

Pastor Mark


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