Here in the HCC Family, we're doing everything we can to make sure that your family is safe. That's why we have a secure check in for the children that enter our care during services. Only the legal guardian that signs in the child may check them out and retrieve them from the security desk. Each of our staff go through a thorough background check and are the only ones allowed past the security desk during service times or when children, who are still checked in, are present. 


Ages 0-2

We're all about giving parents a break and letting them focus on the Lord! That's why we have a nursery readily available to care for your children while you worship. Our nursery staff rotate every week so that they too have a chance to be in service and they are available for Sunday school and the church service. All the toys and floors are sanitized weekly for the health of your young ones and the babies are under the same check in system mentioned above. 

Junior Crusaders

Ages 3-12

The Junior Crusaders are separated into two classes. There is the 3-9 year old class for the younger students. At the age of 9, the students begin to transition into the 9-12 year old class that prepares them for joining the Beyond: Youth Ministries.   

Sweet Home Campus Contact

Pastor: Mark Woody
Phone: (541) 570 - 8742
Address: 4231 Long St, Sweet Home, Oregon, 97386

Corvallis Campus Contact

Pastor: Gary Robertson
Phone: (541) 520 - 0639
Address: 1601 NE Conifer Blvd, Corvallis, Oregon, 97330