God Must Be A Zombie

God must be a zombie because I see more people running from Him than I see people running in The Walking Dead. Being one of those people when I was younger (30ish). I know what it is like to run from God. Especially from a calling on your life. Let's face it, it would probably be easier to face zombies than to answer the calling on your life. At least when you face zombies, your friends and family are going with you. When God calls you, often times, they do not have the same calling, they do not see or hear what you are hearing. So usually, it makes it easier to run.

You can even feel like you have been left all alone, and you are angry with God, and want nothing to do with Him or His calling. Yea, I know, again I have been there... or here. It is not easy at all. It is scary, and it is change. Tough change, and unlike zombies, it does not go away, and you can never kill it off. It will remain for the rest of your life. So, you might as well give in and stop struggling. Yep, I said it, stop struggling! You cannot win this fight. If you don't answer the call, you are doomed to a life of running, and if you do, you are "doomed" to a life of servitude. Doomed is probably not the right word usage, but it gets the point across. Now here is the really crazy part. Are you ready? Well, are you? When you stop running, you allow God "metoforically" the zombies take you. Man if it was just that simple... but, now, you have to go through change, like you have never known. Now alone, scared and running, is the easy part. Now you have become the thing you have been running from, and you are going through changes, and now you are chasing others....... WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE??????

Absolutely nothing! It is normal to run, and it is normal that after you submit, things will change more and probably get harder. Or, I guess I could say it like this, in 20 years of ministry, I have never, ever seen it get easier for anyone. Sound like fun? Like an episode of The Walking Dead? (I have never actually seen the show). But here is the good part: Once you stop running, and let God take you, and begin the process, something inside you will begin to feel this satisfied feeling that you have never had. Like this giant void is being filled, more and more, fuller and fuller.

You change, things get harder, yet you desire to press more, things somehow in the midst of getting harder, have became so much easier, literally so much easier. Note, everything is harder, the struggles are real, but inside, they are no longer your struggles, you are part of an army...even when all your friends and even family have deserted you. You know that you are not alone.....

You realize that all this time, all of this running, all of this fighting would have been so much easier to give in, you would not have been alone anymore; you would not be afraid anymore. The bigger the battles come the more you are prepared, the easier change becomes and honestly, it gets so much easier, you begin to trust the army that lives inside you, more than ever before, it grows, it never loses, it never lets you down........ this army, IS THE VERY THING YOU WERE RUNNING FROM....God Himself.

I know this is a long blog, and most have dropped out by now, but if you didn’t, let me say to you - Stop Running, the victory is right there in front of you, don't run from it. And with that, I speak to those who have answered God, and yet there is a part of you afraid to go farther. Think back to the peace and joy you felt when He set you free, when He broke the chains of flesh over your life. Now imagine that feeling multiplied 100 fold. That is what it is like. The more you give Him, the more joy, the more peace, the more strength, and yes, the more the battle grows. God will grow you faster than the battles will come! Trust Him; stop running and just give in, after all......... GOD IS NOT A ZOMBIE! It just feels that way at times. Blessings to you as you step forward in faith and let God have more and more and more.

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