Do you have a favorite food? I mean an absolute favorite? I love food, almost all kinds of food. And I enjoy those certain flavors, as I am sure you do. Do you remember those flavors without even having that food for a while? What about a kiss? Is there a moment in time, a moment when you kissed someone, your lips could taste their lips, maybe your first kiss, maybe a kiss when you were older, maybe a kiss that was a long time in coming to you? Do you remember it? Can you feel that moment, does your heart skip a beat, or race, or both? I can remember a few kisses that rocked my world, I can still feel and taste that kiss, sweetest thing on earth.

Maybe you anticipated that kiss, maybe you didn’t, but it is a moment, a feeling, a taste that you will never forget, on tough days, you can close your eyes, and remember that kiss, and you can’t help but smile……...

Psalms 34:8 O taste and see that the LORD is good…

The LORD gives us a small message in the Psalms, taste and see that the LORD is good. Funny, that He would use this “taste” to challenge us to see that He is good? Remember that kiss? I know you did, it brought back memories that made you smile. Food taste good, we love food, but the taste of food leaves a physical impression, and a few extra pounds. The kiss however, goes all the way to the fiber of your being. Our LORD says, taste and see, He is saying, If you dare, taste and see, I will leave an impression on your life that can never fade, that will bring peace, joy, happiness, and even life to you. Try me, let down your guard and just taste of the goodness of God.

Food produces desire for more of that particular thing, but the kiss, the taste of the goodness of our Father in Heaven and it produces love, pure and simply. AF, Always and Forever love. Maybe I am just a hopeless old romantic that is out of touch with reality….. And maybe, just maybe as I sit here with tears in my eyes this morning, maybe just maybe, I have tasted of the goodness of a kiss from heaven and found love. Love so strong that it can heal a broken heart, a love so strong it cast out all fear and doubt…… hopeless romantic, or hopeful child of the King????? You decide for yourself, as for me, I will just continue to …….

Taste and See

Pastor Mark


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