Lost In The Crowd

As my youngest son is about to turn 18, I feel old. But, that is not why I am

writing. LOL! I was thinking back to memories when he was little, the fun and stupdity

we faced almost daily. There was particular time when we were at a church event at

Mount Olive Church of God in Cleveland TN. It was a big outside 4th of July event.

Wendy was going to get some food, and asked me to watch the boys, roughly ages 8

and 2. I am the cool dad, I got this, right? She leaves, returns 5 minutes later and says

where are the boys? I said, right here… I looked around at the crowd of about 2000

and noticed so many people I knew, yet there were two very familiar faces missing.

Blake and Micah. Needless to say, Wendy was not happy with me. They were LOST IN

THE CROWD. We found one hanging out with friends a few rows over and the other

had made his way down to the creek to check out the water. No harm, no foul, we

found them both. No harm, no foul if you ask me. Wendy might have said different at

the time. Blake is now 24, and Micah is almost 18 and being LOST IN THE CROWD

made them no more worse for wear. After all he is 6 foot 2 and a biscuit over 200


Now we live in a little different world today and letting children get lost in a

crowd is dangerous. But, shifting gears for a moment, as God often does with me,

brings me to a story in life and then makes a spiritual application from it. When is the

last time you have been LOST IN THE CROWD? When was the last time you stood at

HCC, or at your home church and literally just got LOST? When was the last time you

were worshiping LOST and forgot there was a CROWD around you? Maybe you

bumped someone, danced into them, accidentally stepped on their feet, or hands if

they were LOST laying face down in the floor.

As we press in to give our church every tool they need to walk in Dominion of

this life in the Light of Jesus, there is one tool we can’t give you, and that is the ability

to get LOST IN THE CROWD. You have to want that for yourself. You have to forget

everything and go down to the river, sit down with a friend, (Jesus) and just get LOST. I

am the Pastor, so I want you to listen to what I have to say from the pulpit, but I have to

say, in 21 years of being sold out to God, some of the best services I have ever been

in, I was so LOST IN THE CROWD, I did not know they were there. Last thought, most

of us have so much going on outside church, and so many responsibilities inside the

church, its hard to get lost but we NEED to get LOST. Forget the world, just Get LOST,

yes, in the CROWD, but more than that this Sunday, make it a priority to get LOST IN


Still learning to look out for my kids (all 250 of them)

Pastor Mark

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