Problems with People

It was a month ago when I wrote my last blog. Well, the last one I published, some are just for me. So here I am to write another hopefully thought provoking blog. Are you ready? Here we go. Lately, I have seen a lot of leadership, myself included, bashing others for their problems. Well they would not have depression, they should not be doing this or that. Actually some pretty mean stuff. I myself have been guilty. Sad to say, but true.

If we stop to think, we all have problems of some sort or the other. How is it then, that we can want others to understand and respect our issues, yet we want to bash others for theirs? What is it in us that makes us want to point out others faults, and yet retain our own? I wonder, if we suffered from deep depression, would we look at others with depression the same? Sickness, Financial stress? There is a good one. For those who have overcome and budgeted for the future, they have a tendency to look down on those who have not got to that place yet.

After all, that is easy, right, you did it…… Maybe just maybe, we need to start understanding that others problems are as real to them as ours are to us. Maybe they have overcome what we haven’t yet. And let’s be honest, we still have some major issues too. Maybe they have overcome what we are now dealing with?

In the end, God has given us the grace to overcome all things, but we do not all do it at the same time, or in the same order. So, if you see someone who is struggling with addictions, stress, depression, finances, health, etc, etc, etc. Maybe God has given you the freedom in that area, to help them, not to beat them up, but to lift them up. Try it, it might just do you good.

Blessings in the middle of your (and mine) messes,

Pastor Mark

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