Rent's Due

Have you ever had that one thing that no matter what comes you know that has to be paid? When the rent is due, it has to be paid or you do not have a place to stay. Of course, that is if you are honest and upright. If not you might milk it a few months. But let’s just say that you are honest and upright. You will need to pay the rent. That makes it a priority. Period.

Priorities, priorities, what are your priorities? As we close out another year, I would like to ask 2 questions.

1. What was your priorities in 2016? And I want to hear your answer, but, before you do, remember, if you are honest and upright ……… in other words, what did your actions say was your priority in 2016? Not your words, your actions. Be honest, and I will share mine after I hear others brave enough to share. (I know that was baiting, did it work?)

2. What do you want in your heart to make a priority in 2017? This one is easier because your intentions are all that matters at this point. Please share.

I will wait to share my priorities proven by actions for 2016, until I hear from you. But I will share briefly my 2017 intentions.

1 Get healthier, I have not taken care of myself this year.

2 Lead more people to Jesus, 25 minimum, personally.

3 Preach with more passion than ever before.

4 Love more unconditionally. No matter the circumstances.

5 Be better organized to get all I can done for family, kingdom and country.

6 Invest in both campuses with full heart, soul and passion.

Today, I challenge you to pay your rent. Pay your rent, make it a priority, and then let your actions speak for your priorities in the coming year. Make a plan. Set your heart. It has to be done. Give more; take less; make God a priority, and then stick to it. Don’t give the greatest thing that ever happened to you, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, the last priority and remember, your actions tell the tale.

Hey, I love you more than you know, blessings in the name of Jesus, I look forward to hearing what your actions/priorities are!

Merry Christmas,

Pastor Mark

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