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One year ago, God gave me a vision, and told me that not all would go forward, that some would be left behind. I cried for a few days and then accepted it. This year I have watched some fall by the wayside, I saw some get left behind. I knew it was coming, and yet it still hurts. Will it kill me? It Won’t.

What I wasn’t prepared for, was what God spoke to me this year. Will it kill me? It Won’t. What He spoke this year was pretty simple, plain and to the point. He said, some are still with you, but they ARE left behind. They are left behind. And you did all you could, but you could not help, they chose it, and it is becoming more evident in their actions.

They say they love me with all their heart, they don’t, they refuse to let go of the world, its comforts and its pleasures. Will it keep them from heaven, It Won’t. But, it will keep them from going forward.

They want more, but are unwilling to go after it, beyond their comfort zone. They have withdrawn and are alienating themselves, drawing back, they have excuses, but the truth is, they are not willing to go farther, and they unintentionally drag their feet. Will it keep them from me, It Won’t. I watch with a broken heart. So does Father. But, we can’t change it. Only they can.

How do we know? Simple, Watch. They will push to get lost in worship, to go beyond, but they can’t because the level of holiness when they are not at church isn’t there. They will not be able to press in, push forward or go to the next level. It will hinder their moving forward. Will it stop their relationship with Father, no, It Won’t.

Father wants more, He wants to give you more, He wants you to walk in power, anointing, authority and ability. He wants you to be able to step into His throne, into Him, with reckless abandon, He even knows that you blame everything on the planet for not getting closer, not moving forward. But the world, It Won’t keep you at a distance, it Won’t keep you where you are and not moving forward, It Won’t. ONLY YOU WILL.

God said, I am Holy, be Holy, no options, no backdoors, I am Holy, Be Holy. Pastor, that is harsh, nope, its Gods Word. It is a process to get closer, to move forward, to not be left behind, but when you walk in unholiness, you cannot get closer to God. Justify your sin, justify your lifestyle, but in the end, It Won’t get you closer to a Holy God, and you and all around you will suffer for it.

The choice is simple and clear, either you will, or you won’t. This year we will push harder than ever before, some are already behind, is it you? Are you secluded, complacent, walking in slothfulness and sinfulness, or are you sober, diligent and ready to forsake all for Father? Will it, it Won’t. Step up, you are not completely out of this, run forward, do not miss what God has for you, run, don’t walk, push, let go of the world and see the Glory of the Lord.

Pastor Mark

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