Childlike Faith

When I was a kid, there was an 8000 year old joke (exaggeration) It went something like this. The Lone Ranger and Tonto had an attack party coming after them, The Lone Ranger ask Tonto, “How many are there?” Tonto Replies Ten-I-See and thats how we got out name in the Big Orange State. Corny, right? Not when you were 6 years old. I could look out and see it, taking place. And as a side note, when I was 6 years old, 8000 years ago (maybe not so much of an exaggeration) Tonto did NOT have a dead bird on his head, or wear white makeup.

This year our theme is LOOK. God has shown me so many things, that I had missed in scripture, maybe not even missed, but just didn’t actually see…if that makes sense. One of those things is “we must change and come to Him as little children” Matthew 18:3 NIV. When I LOOK back, the greatest thing about being a kid was that it was stress free for the most part. Everything was one big adventure. No responsibility-just fun. I kind of miss those days. Another thing I remember well about being a little child is that I could see things, things that really wasn’t there. When we were told we were going to the store, I already had the buggy full of hot wheels cars, snap cap guns with lots of ammo, cookies, ice cream. Of course, in those days we were blessed if we got one .49 cent Hot Wheel car, but that did not change what I saw every time. I could catch fish and shoot squirrels 3 days before the hunting or fishing trip ever happened.

Jesus said, we must change, and come to Him as little children. Can you do that? Just in this one thing? Can you LOOK though the eyes of a child? Nobody gets sick, Nothing is wrong, Everything is right, Everything works, at least from the way we see it as children, the adversity along the way was not an issue, it would be overcome, we are going fishing!!!!!!!! Today, I challenge you to come to Christ as a little child, don’t fear, only believe, LOOK beyond with childlike eyes to what Father sees, He is going to make something good out of it. He always does. Genesis 13:15 says, all the world you see, I will give to you and your offspring, (that’s us). If you can LOOK and see it, you can have it.

One final note, I know that not all childhoods were good, but that is where LOOKING up is even more important, you have a heavenly Father who wants nothing but the best for you, Can you see it? Keep LOOKING up, See it the way Father sees it, and then watch it come to pass.

If you get the chance, share some good things you remember seeing as a child.

Pastor Mark


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