Seat Belts

I’m not a fan of seat belts. Now before you start fussing at me, let me at least explain. In the 70’s when I began to start tinkering with and driving all sorts of cars and trucks, most of them did not have seat belts. I don’t remember many trucks having them, in fact, my old Jeep truck did not have them, we added them. So I was not raised in a time where we wore seat belts. Car seats were for babies, not toddlers.

I must confess that when the laws were passed requiring us to wear them, well lets just say, Judge Williams and I had an agreement, I would pay the $10 seat belt fine, and he would let me slide…this time on my speeding tickets. We had a pretty good agreement. Equipment tickets never went against your driving record. So as you can see, having never been made to wear one, it felt like my rights were being violated. In fact, I still think it is! But, for now we will leave that fight alone.

As I was sitting in the parking lot at Safeway tonight waiting on my wife to get out of the store, I noticed I had set there for at least 15 minutes, motor off, seat belt on. I didn’t even think about it. In fact, I just do it now as part of getting in the car, sit, seatbelt, start motor, go. I close my eyes and think, how did I come so far, from refusing to wear one, to protesting wearing one, to it just being part of my routine? How did I sink so low?

Then my spirit was quickened, its that way in everything, everything. If we are not cautious and if we do not stand our ground, the seat belt of sin, will at first be something that we fight, then just protest, then we embrace it. Think about it, when it started, it was just an idea, there only if you wanted it, then it become commonplace, then it was just part of what we do.

My friends, I would suggest to you to think about what you are putting on, what is it in this world that was taboo, then acceptable, then embraceable, then without knowing it, that sin, that seatbelt has become a place of comfort and safety. Take time today to stop, look, and see what has you strapped down in your life. If it is not from God, get ride of it, and watch carefully for nothing to do that to you again. Don't put on what you stood against at one point in your life. Stand firm in Jesus, and never let the world dictate what you are going to do.

Till next time,

Pastor Mark

Hater of seat belts!

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