Bombs Explode

Bombs Explode

Last night I watched the Angry Birds Movie. I know, right? A grown old man watching kids cartoons, and not because he watched it with a grandchild. I don’t have any grandchildren. I watched it because it was the next thing that came on after Zootopia, and I was too tired or lazy to change the channel. Why I was watching Zootopia is another story for another day.

Angry Birds, deals with … anger issues. Red’s, Terrance’s, and Bomb’s. Bomb is a unique bird to say the least. He’s fun loving and easy going until he gets ticked off. And he gets ticked off a lot! Bomb gets mad quick, and he gets mad easily. It really doesn’t take much. But then again, I would not ever say he is mad, just gets frustrated easy, and then he is over it. Here is the problem, at the slightest frustration Bomb swells up and EXPLODES! Walls fall, folks get hit with debris, there is collateral damage. Thank goodness this is only a Movie, and nothing really ever gets damaged that an eraser can’t fix.

Bomb is a great guy! He really is, and when I am slinging him from a sling shot, his explosions are absolutely devastating, and that is always good! Sadly, there are many people like Bomb. They have a very short fuse - very short. Most of the time, they have an excuse for their mistakes, and want everyone to see them Glitch Free. But, when someone else makes a little mistake, (nothing that will matter in 5 minutes), they start to turn red…then begin to shake, and then BOOOOM! As soon as they go off they are over it, and want everyone to forget they blew up. The problem is, there is collateral damage. Strong Walls begin to crack, floor boards are shaken loose, to the Bomb, its no big deal, to the ones being damaged, it can be irreversible.

I know none of us reading this are “Bombs” but, just in case a little “firecracker of a bomb” snuck inside you, here would be my anger management techniques for you. First, relax, don’t sweat the small stuff, and its all small stuff. Second, if you can blow up and be over it 5 minutes later, it wasn’t worth blowing up for in the first place. Lastly, and most important, ask your heavenly Father to help you to not be that Ticking Time Bomb. Ask Him to give you peace, joy and happiness - you know, the fruits of the spirit. I think those are written down somewhere (maybe even to the Galatian Church). All jokes aside. Life is way too short to damage and hurt those around you over little things. It’s just not worth it.

From the Crash,

Pastor Mark

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