Wrestling Is Real

Most folks know I am a WWE Wrestling fan. I subscribe to the network! I record Monday Night Raw, and Smackdown on Tuesdays. I watch when I get a chance. And can I just say: Wrestling is Real! All these years of everyone calling it fake, staged or choreographed, yea right. It is REAL!

It is as Real as the news most days, it is as Real as most movies, it is as Real as television, video games, and yes, it is as Real as reality television. Wrestling is Real! You think I am crazy yet? It is not fake, it is Real, every punch, drop kick, head lock, sleeper hold, suplex, neck breaker, steel post, curb stomp, atomic drop, need I say more? It is Real!

Is it? If we are honest with ourselves, truly honest, it is as Real as our own lives. If we are honest, it is as Real as our own lives. Let that sink in a minute. Wrestling is as Real as most of our own lives. If we are truly honest, probably not all, but quite a few of us, are simply going through the motions.

The physical activity in the ring is Real, bodies take a beating, even with the best padding, the best equipment, the best training and doctors, the abuse the body takes is Real. Not to the extent we see, but still Real. How many of us, take a beating, emotionally, spiritually and mentally, day after day, week after week year after year?

We have hurts and pains we cover up, we have lack of faith, sin, desires…. and yet, the world thinks we got it all together. Sometimes our own families do not even see the hurt, they see what we want them to see, and that is all. It can be a show. Let me look at a couple of things quickly, that maybe can help you and me. Lets look at Faith:

We can speak faith, shout prayers so loud it scares people, believe, bind, rebuke and preach it down. And yet inside have deep doubts. Fear gripped, culture ripped, shredded faith. Truly Wanting more, but either afraid to go after it for fear of it not working, complacent with how far we have come, or just not willing to do what it takes to get farther. Wrestling is Real. What about waiting? How well does that work for you? On the outside, man, God is going to show up and do this….. but on the inside, not believing it will ever happen. Waiting for that right person, that right job, God will make it happen…. Waiting, but my faith is strong. Giving? I want to, I need to, but ….. Wrestling is REAL!

So many walls, so many pulled punches, kicks to the head, choke holds and figure fours of life. None of which are real, all staged, all set up, all entertainment. So I will be REAL, for a moment, then I will climb back into the ring. I struggle sometimes, I want things to happen, and I don’t see it happening. I look for signs, and don’t see them, I have heartbreaks and failures. I honestly don’t know that I would want me as a pastor most days. Is it Real? Yes, I get nervous when I share my heart, when I expose myself before people and God. I cannot count the times, I have been hurt by those around me when I open myself up.

Is Wrestling Real? You better believe it. Everyday you Wrestle with who and what we let into our “ REAL” worlds. We mask it with laughter, smiles, silence, drugs, addictions and all sorts of other things. And here is the real point, right here. The main person we are not being Real with, is ourselves. And when we are not Real with ourselves, we cannot be Real with Father. Worth repeating, when we are not Real with ourselves, we cannot be Real with Father.

God never intended for us to put on a show. He intended for us to be open, vulnerable, at the very least with Him, and with ourselves. When we learn to, we can be free from the burden of putting on a show. Our faith can truly grow, our hearts can truly heal, our minds can truly be set free. Maybe it is time that you stopped and took a hard look at your picture perfect wrestling match with yourself and got Real? What areas of your life are you just going through the motions, and what areas are Real? God wants to take every part of you and make it perfected in His image. So the Real question isn’t is Wrestling Real? The Real question is, can you, will you, be Real in your Wrestling with yourself?

FInal Thought: Since we all know that Wrestling is Fake, don’t you think the world knows our show is Fake also?

I truly love you, most of the time, (just being Real)

Thanks for reading. Praying it makes you stop and get Real,

Pastor Mark

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