Its been a while. I kind of put blogging on the back burner. I apoligize for taking so long to get back here. With that said, I plan on blogging weekly this year. Hopefully you will enjoy and maybe even learn something.

Now that we have the pleasentries out of the way, lets jump in. Have you ever been around someone who talks far more than they listen? Annoying, isn’t it? You love them, tolerate them, but it is still annoying. I use to think that way about my parents. They had an answer for everything. Even before I did it, they were telling me the woes of it. How it was a mistake, or that it would cost me, or that it would….. you get the picture. They knew everything, and was happy to share it with me. I’m 53 now, and my youngest just turned 18. And let me tell you, kids today don’t know anything! I try to help them, but they won’t listen. They think I am annoying and old fashioned, a kill-joy, a fuddy duddy, and the list goes on. Man it is so annoying to try and help them and they just won’t listen. Sound familiar?

This year God has called me to reevaluate pretty much the way I see everything. From scripture to my parenting skills. I am not doing so good. To be honest, it is a struggle. Why? You might ask? Because all my life I have said things like I don’t want to be like my parents. And now as I reevaluate, I find that I missed the best years of their lives trying to do different what they got right. Not because I want my kids to listen, (they won’t, none of us did), but because they had consumed this vast wealth of common knowledge from life that I could have gleaned from rather than fight against. Please don’t think I did not love my parents or listen, I did! But, I can see now how much they really did know. At my mom’s funeral last year, as I spoke I said these words. I learned about fixing anything and never giving up from my dad. And if there is anything in me that is pleasing to God, I got it from my mom. And now, years later, I see that even in writing this, they taught me more than I can ever say. They taught me how to do things, how not to do things, how to follow God and never give up. I am forever thankful to my amazing parents, even though I fought them all the way on…. well, everything.

I said all of that to say this, you know those people who annoy you so very much, take a moment to listen to them, maybe not so much how much they think they know, but listen and learn, grow, evaluate, even if all you learn is how not to be so annoying to others. :-) James writes “to count it all joy”. Looking back, I can see how I have learned from everything and everyone in my life, even if I did it kicking and screaming. Today, I would say to you, things, people, situations, etc. Count it joy, because if you really look at it from a students eyes, You will learn something. And in the end, knowledge is power when applied to everyday life.

I pray that you are blessed and can grab at least a nugget from todays blog. God’s Word says over and over, I would not have you be ignorant. Evaluation is part of not being ignorant, my parents taught me that……. long after they went to thier reward. Thanks for tuning in, until next time,

The Rhino’s Pen.

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