The Challenge

From the Rhino’s Pen

First let me say, reading this blog is not the challenge. However, if you don’t read it, you

will not know what the challenge is. The blog and the challenge started for me this morning while at the gym. I am trying to get through 30 minutes on the NuStepper. More like trying to survive 30 minutes this morning, but that is another story in itself. So here is the scenerio, eyes closed, arms and legs pumping at 133 - 140 steps per minute, half listening to For King and Country, and then there was a deafening pause, enough of a pause that I took note of it, and began to listen to see what was next. I am not sure if there is a long pause there in the album or not, but it was a “God Thing” for sure. The next song was Control. Now, this is where I need to tell you that I have listened to this album at least 500 times, but for some reason, I actually heard this song today, (again, probably a God Thing). I am posting a link to it here.

And for my friends who might not like the newer music, but want the challenge, I will share a link for you with the same theme in mind.

As I listened to Control, I thought man what an amazing song, “ I give up control, body, mind and soul” I hear this small voice say, “Do you?” Do you give up control, of your body, mind and soul? Or just your soul? Occasionally, or full time?” Now I have to tell you at this point I just wanted to go home and go to bed. Here I am, hustling to get healthy, listening to good christian music, and I get called out. SO, why did I call this blog, The Challenge? Because I am asking you, challenging you to listen and then be honest with yourself. Do you really give Him control, or for the older version, do you really Surrender All? Or do you give Him what you want Him to fix and hang on to your fears, lust, pride and …well, did we give Him our soul, and then hang onto the rest? Challenge? Test yourself, and see how much of you that you are still hanging onto. Then begin to let go of it, little by little, and as He exposes more, give Him more. Pretty simple and to the point, Listen and Apply.

Listen and Apply,

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