On Being Ignorant...


Today I read a trending article that 38% of Americans would not buy Corona Beer for fear of catching the corona virus. 38% of Americans. After reading this, I could not help but think how can that many folks be that ignorant? Then I thought, man I need to pray for folks, right? As I shook my head and began to meditate on ignorant people, that little voice in my head said, “aren’t you glad your not that ignorant?” At this point, all I can do is shake my head again, knowing I am about to be educated. The voice continues, “How many times have you fought for a cause only to find out you didn’t have the facts and it wasn’t the right cause? Or, how many times have you fussed about someone losing something to remember where you left it? Or how many times have you paid years of storage fees for stuff that wasn’t worth keeping in the first place? Or, maybe we should discuss the many times you have paid for gym memberships and gone a few times and quit? Ever over eat and then be mad about your weight? Stay up all night and be upset about being tired? Or…” OK, I get it, I get it!

I am convinced the little voice in my head is there for my good, but often times I feel like He is out to get me. But, let’s move on. On being ignorant, well let’s just say this. Just because others do not think or act the way we do does not give us cause to judge them. From inside my world looking at their world, well I could say a lot, but they have probably never paid $50 a month for 3 years to save a $40 dollar couch. Or maybe they have never paid for a gym membership that they never use. To them, I may just be ignorant. The point is simply this, my job isn’t to judge others on where they are in life, but to try and help educated them as to where they need to be. Scripture says often, “ I would not have you be ignorant” . So the truth is this. The voice in my head is the Holy Spirit, and He is instructing me not to be ignorant, but to care for people, beyond what I think is ignorant and to the point of their real need - Christ Jesus.

So in closing, I will make 2 points, first listen to the Holy Spirit. He is there for your good, PERIOD! Second, stop looking at others as if they are ignorant, and start seeing them as Jesus does, as His lost children, who have lost their way, and need to find a way home to Him. And for that my dear friends, you have the education they need. So share it with them today instead of arguing about what you think you know. Besides, they don’t need the beer in the first place!



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