If you know me, you know I apply spiritual lessons to everyday life. Today is no different. I have been in a funk this morning. Just really in a mood more than a funk I guess you could say. I am sure none of you ever get that way, but I am human, and thus I do. As I mulled over my attitude, I thought I would change my picture on social media since I haven’t done that in a while. I began to look through pictures, lots of pictures. I looked at pictures of trucks we had stuck in the mud, and buggies on the side of giant hills that should have killed me. Pictures of kayaking, golfing, on the track on motorcycles, hiking, fishing, hunting, pictures of Turkeys, Deer, Elk, Antelope that I have taken and packed my freezer with. Archery shoots, garage days, cars and bikes that I have built over the years. Pictures of my family, my wife, my kids, funny faces, new puppies and maybe even a cat or two. Lots of pictures with friends, pictures of the churches I have been blessed to pastor. Pictures of my Mom and Dad… You know, I am way, way, way to blessed in this life, to be stressed, in a funk or bad mood. And while I may not have riches untold, or the nicest house. I have been without a home, sleeping in a truck seat, and yet through it all, I am blessed. I have Christ, and that alone is enough! But, He has seen fit to give me so much more, looking back at memories, I cannot say enough, I have absolutely no reason to be in a “mood”. Life isn’t perfect, but my life is blessed. Today I would just like to encourage you to … not forget, how good this life really is. Through all the good times and bad, the enemies, the world calamities, and just life in general. We are truly blessed to just be who we are. So, today I say words from an old song: roll back the curtains of memory now and then, show me where You brought me from, and where I could have been, remember I’m human and humans forget, so remind me, remind me dear Lord.


Pastor Mark

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