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Have you ever gotten a compliment? Have you ever given one? As a pastor, sometimes I get compliments, good message pastor, service was amazing, God is using you, nice hair…. Ok, maybe not that one. But compliments are nice, they make you feel good. They could even make you work to be better. Its always nice to get an “attaboy”!

Do you give compliments? Have you ever watched someone’s eyes light up when you compliment them? And guys, not just your spouse, but others too, (my attempt at humor). Everyone wants to feel good about themselves. In fact, everyone needs to feel good about themselves. It isn’t even a want, it’s almost a need.

But here is the first rub if you will. Some folks can’t take compliments. They struggle believing good things about themselves, or that they are capable of doing something right. For so long folks have told them how bad they are, or how they will never amount to anything. Maybe that’s one reason compliments are so important. We are created in the image of God, and while we may have messed that up along the way, He stills sees us as His creation. Second rub, underhanded compliments. The ones with a dig in them, or a “you could do it better if”. Those often leave folks feeling worse than before anything was said. And they often use it as constructive criticism, and maybe it is, but how it is said makes a big deal with how it is heard and received.

So, let’s review, receive compliments, you deserve them! Period! Give compliments, they deserve them. After all, if we are a born again child of God, we are Princesses and Princes of the King of Kings! So compliments are certainly warranted. Just remember that a compliment isn’t a compliment if it comes with a “should have done this”. Be courtesy, build folks up as much as you can, find something to say something good about them.

Last thought, if you see someone jogging in nothing but tennis shoes and socks... tell them how great their socks match! (from the movie Welcome to Mooseport).

Blessings, you are amazing!

Pastor Mark

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