The Stain

I kind of have a morning ritual, (as much as a pastor can). You probably do, too. Coffee, Bible study, brush teeth, shower, get dressed and move through the day. This morning is no different. As I was getting dressed, I picked up an A shirt (wife beater) (lol) and it had a black stain right in the middle of the white shirt. I paused and then smiled, thinking back as to how the stain got there. I will share briefly.

Over the years of being a car guy, I have had a lot of spills, explosions, fires and well let’s just call them mishaps. Grinder wheels exploding in my eyes, antifreeze sprayed down my throat, etc. You get the picture. Each one is unique and brings back a scary memory and a smile. At the moment it was scary, but then a big grin or smile, because once again I survived it. This particular stain comes from a brake wheel cylinder that was stuck, as I gently (cough, cough) freed it, it proceeded to blast me with a shot of brake fluid at what seemed like 400 mph. In that moment, I gasped, checked my eyes, spit to make sure I had not swallowed it. I was frozen for a second thinking of how stupid that was, and how I could have blinded or poisoned myself. Then, as usual I smiled and moved on. Today, that stain brought a smile to my face and my heart. As I looked at it, I thought man, you are dangerous to yourself.

I began to hear that voice that speaks so gently to me, and I heard Him say, see, it was scary at the time, but this too will pass. At that moment, I was overwhelmed with emotions. This too shall pass. I know that we are in a state of panic right now in this country and the world. But, this too will pass, how or when I do not know. But, unless God chooses that this is the time that He returns to get us, it will eventually be a stain. Something that we look at, remember the scary times, and smile that we made it through once again. Once again God pulled us through. And even if He doesn’t, He is still my God. I just wanted to remind you today to be ready, we do not know what lies ahead, but we can rest assured in who does. King Jesus! Whether this is a stain that could have gone bad, or just a stain that brings a smile later. Or even if when this is over, we are nothing more than a spot that others will remember and smile, (hopefully). The key isn’t the stain, the scare, or even the moment in time, the key is to be ready. Life is but a vapor, with lots of little stains and smiles. But, the real question is, when this life is over, where will you spend eternity. COVID-19 will be a small stain on life, but eternity, well, thats’ forever. #foodforthought


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