Who Knows?

Who knows who is reading your posts? Who knows who is reading my blogs? Mostly, I write them for my Harvest Family, but who knows who reads them? Sometimes I think I write for myself, ok, honestly, maybe it is more for me. But who knows how many people we make contact with daily? We have charts and graphs and studies and analoges of whats going on, but who knows who really, and I mean really gets the message?

Much debate about closing churches, churches rights, and a list of other dirty laundry debates. Should we have church inside the building, defy the government? Scream our rights are being violated, etc and so forth? Who is really listening to us, or reading our post? I have a vey strong belief that the wrong people are listening. While we fight for our rights, and we fight to do it our way, the world is listening - not so much the church, but the world. They are listening and watching. So while we are screaming about our rights being violated, trying to get people to see the light about the latest conspiracy, our sheep are starving, and the world is watching. The world is watching us act more like the world than like Christ.

When Jesus couldn’t do many miracles in His hometown, He didn’t throw a fit. He found another way to get the word to His town. Heal a demoniac, and let him go share, or maybe sit with a woman at a well, and let her go back and say COME SEE A MAN! While I miss my family hugs and kisses more than apple pie (diabetic). I also must remember that Jesus called us to be more like Him, and He said, the temple will be torn down. But the gospel will go on. I am seeing great debates today about fighting for our rights to assemble. I want to assemble, but more than that, I want to see Jesus shared with the world. Not headlines that christian evangelicals are spreading the virus. Not headlines that say, another pentecostal church loses 8 members today to the COVID -19 virus while refusing to not follow guidelines set in place for our protection.

Let me close with this, Jesus lived His life under the influence of the Roman Government, and the radical religionist. And yet, He birthed the greatest story ever told. Let’s take a moment and remember, just a moment, and remember, we just don’t know who, is watching and listening. Let’s be careful with our testimony. Guard it as if our souls and the souls of others depend on it. We just don’t know who is listening and watching, but we do know, and we do determine what they see and hear. Blessings, Jesus love you, and go and do likewise!


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