The Maker

This week, I finished a few knives, a couple in paticular that I was extremely proud of. Well, let’s be honest, I am proud of all of them. Even the ugliest, worst knife I have ever made. I actually use it often. It has a razor’s edge, just isn’t extremely attractive. Yet, it holds a special place in my heart, as they all do. This week, I made a big knife from a wrench. It was no particular wrench to me, just another piece of steel to hammer into something different than what it started as. I heated, and hammered, shaped, and ground, ground some more, heated, tempered and then ground some more, polished, sharpened, made a handle and a guard. Then I even made a display base to sit it on. It really looked good. Every day, I polished a little more, sharpened a little more. I actually wanted to keep it, and just always make it a little better.

However, the man who sent me the wrench, well, it meant a lot to him. It was his grandfather’s, and he was giving it as a gift to his grandson. He picked what it would be, the materials used, he even signed the etching on the side in his own handwriting. To him, this was a family heirloom. To me, just a piece of metal I made into a knife. No real attachment, and yet, so much attachment. Why? Because I am the maker. It was me who created the knife. It was my blood that was spilt, my scars, my sweat and tears that went into it. It had become part of me. And a small part of me, had become part of it. I don’t expect you to understand fully, but to me, it was perfect. To the owner, it may not be. But I am its maker, and it is perfect. Perfecton Personified! And yet, always trying to make it better.

Ever wonder why God loves you so much? Even when you aren’t the best you could be? Even when you aren’t as sharp as He has tried to make you? When you don’t look the way you should, or preform the way you were created to perform? Quite simply put, because He is the maker. He created you. He has worked, taken you through the fire, tempered you, ground off the edges, sharpened you, and made you the best you could be. To the world, you may not look like much, but to the maker….. well, you are about the best thing He has ever made. He sits and holds you, smiling, feeling your edge, never wanting to let you go, especially not to the world. And yet, he loves you enough to give you free will. And all the while, you are always on His mind. He is the maker, you are His creation, and He would fight even to the death for you. Today, maybe just maybe you need to see yourself as the maker does. With pride, not arrogance, but pride. He made you in His image, and He is so proud of you. He loves you! Oh, dear friend. God the Father calls you the Apple of His eye. While I can’t understand love like His, in a small way, I can know what it means to create something. Take a moment today, and thank the maker - God the Father, for making you in His image, and then smile real big knowing, He thinks you are the sharpest, most polished, perfectly crafted gift in the world. Even when He is still polishing and sharpening, little by little. He loves you, He is the maker.


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