Shamgar and the Big Toe

From the Rhino’s Pen,

Good Morning, Yesterdays message was on Shamgar, and God using whatever He placed in your hand. Shamgar had a Oxgoad, a stick if you will, and he saved Israel and killed 600 Philistines. Not a bad day with a stick if I do say so myself. I truly believe what I preached, that God has equipped each one of us with abilities, gifts, talents and yes even at times, sticks. As I write this, I think about everything that I can do with what God has given me. I am blessed with many gifts and talents, just as you are. They say, one of the hardest things to learn is when and where to use your gifts and talents. An example of that would be, a singing gift is great talent, but might not be the best gift to use when hiding in the jungle from a predator. LOL!

But this morning, I would argue that one of the hardest things you can ever do with your gifts, talents and abilities is nothing. And sometimes nothing is exactly what is needed with your specific gifting. Praying and doing nothing for those who want to help is much harder at times than actually doing something. But, if what your doing hurts more than helps, then nothing is better than just praying. Let me explain a little further. The desire to help and the ability to help are two different things. You may be a gifted carpenter, but sheetrock finishing isn’t your field of expertise, so you build a beautiful wall, and then slap some lumpy mud on it….. not so good, right? You might bake a great cake, and be able to bless the multitudes, but that does not make you an expert at taxes, makeup or hairstyling.

In a world that needs so much, we should be like Shamgar, and use what God has given us, but be careful not to let your desire to help overstep our abilities and do more damage than good. A stick on a battlefield is a good thing, but in a nursery probably not so much. I am not qualified, gifted or talented enough to help everyone in every situation. If I give advice on medical needs….. let’s just say, I shouldn’t. You need a professional, I can call one for you and pray, but sadly that’s my limit. Does that make sense? I hope so. Let me close today with this, pray for everyone, help who you are gifted and talented to help, and direct those who you are not gifted and talented to help to those who God has gifted in those areas. We are one body, and not every big toe should try and scratch noses. Hands do a much better job at that. And then again, I am so thankful that I have a big toe, because my hands just won’t keep me balanced or upright like my big toe can. Use the gifts you have to the best of your ability, and leave the things you can’t do to the ones gifted in those areas.



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