The expression love is blind is first found in English in Geoffrey Chaucer's The Merchant's Tale: “For loue is blynd alday and may nat see.” The proverb was further popularized by William Shakespeare in his plays Henry V, Two Gentlemen of Verona, and The Merchant Of Venice.

Love is blind, or is it? Let's test it in a modern kind of unique Woody way. Think back to your dating days, let's say 15 years ago to be kind to most of us. Remember the first kiss? I think I see you smiling. Remember when you would drive across town on a lunch break just to steal a kiss, sneak away for two minutes just for a hug? And those two minute hugs goodbye, they always lasted three minutes. Remember snuggling as close as you could get? Arms twisted together, ladies, remember he was on your hair, but you didn’t say anything, you wanted him as close as you could get him. Guys, you can’t feel your hand,(your arm is completely numb), but you don’t dare say a word. Not with this beauty laying snuggled up against you in this chair made for one that you both have squeezed into. Agh, love! Isn’t it grand?! Remember, how truly blind love is? It didn’t smell the garlic breath or sweaty feet, not as long as they were close, real close, snuggled up tight. It would appear, love truly is blind.

But what about now, 15 (cough) years later? Do you still drive across town for that kiss on a break? Is it stay close, or is it, you’re hurting my arm; you’re snoring; wake up, you’re drooling on my shirt? Remember those kisses on the neck that got your heart to fluttering, and now, OUCH, you need to shave! Men, you would have never ever considered telling her to shave before she kissed you on the neck back then. (I’m joking, I’m joking) Some guys might have.

Love is blind. I still believe that, but it also becomes comfortable, which often leads to complacency - which can lead to destruction if not brought into check. I have heard on many occasions, (most occasions in fact), when couples are in trouble, one or both will say, “ they never listen to me”. Those same couples a few short years before could not wait to hear the other’s voice. And now they hear, but they aren’t listening. This is the point where I have written and rewritten this blog over and over and over. I am no expert, so I won’t give couples advice here other than this - check to see if that is you, and if it is, start looking for ways to refresh and renew and not let complacency set in. With that said, this is more about awareness than a perfect answer like some pastors would have. However, I would like too close with this, relationships are relationships. And many many times our relationship with God starts out so exciting. Everything is brand new. Everything is fresh, and then over time, and we know more, we become complacent, just like with our spouses. And before we know it, our relationship has become stale, and (if we are honest), non existent. We are just going through the motions, and every prayer is labored, and we aren’t listening to what He is saying. Sound familiar?

Scripture says things like Return to your first love, strengthen those things that remain. Let me close my ramblings with this, it is not hard to hear voices out there today who proclaim they have all the answers. They can tell you how to fix everything. Look to social media, or the list of 14000 modern day prophets, priest and peddlers. I only have one answer - Jesus. He wants a close relationship with you, and if you are willing to work on it, He will get as close to you as you will let Him be. He says it like this. Draw close to me, and I will draw close to you.

Love is blind. When it comes to Jesus’ love for us, all He wants is to be loved in return. He will teach us the rest. Try turning off the next latest and greatest, and pick up the One and Only who was made flesh. Jesus, the Word of God. And fall in love all over again.



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